Client Testimonials              

" The best thing ( of many, many great things ) about working with Mitch is he still calls me back right away. 
He then fixes whatever needs fixing".

Brian Malouf
Cookie Jar Studios /  Bandha Records

“ Mitch has restored my vintage gear back to, or better than the factory spec’s. Mitch has as also made some outstanding original custom equipment for my studio. “
“ Mitch Rocks “

Michael Shipley
The Animal House 

“ Mitch is the  Robert DeNiro character in Brazil... a savage genius that will stop at nothing to get the problem solved. I trust him completely with all my gear, wiring and computers. “

I trust him to carry my coffin to the grave if necessary...

Ron Ainiello
Producer / Songwriter Extraordinar

" Mitch had tuned into my workflow, and optimized my mix room for maximum reliability and peace of mind... My gear is quiet, my software works and my data storage system and FTP server is bullet-proof. " Now I get to focus on music instead of technology.
Michael James
Alternator Records / Fresh Baked Music

Hey Mitch,
We've been using the Neve 1064’s a ton lately and our vocal sounds have never been better!  Just wanted to say thanks again...they sound amazing!

Justin Cortelyou
Court Audio/ Tommy Henriksen

I also specialize in Pro Tools Hardware and Peripheral installation .
Including Manufacturing all new custom interface Cables, Create Trouble free Clocking and Integration into both new or existing facilities 
Lets not forget about the never ending daily Plugin compatibility and authorization debacle. 
At times those two things alone make me feel like driving a nail through my eye and then jumping in front of a bus, But I get the job done extremely fast and reliable .  So why put yourself through it ? Just to see an erroneous error pop up in the middle of the perfect Vocal take...

Providing Well Over 25 Years of 
Technical Services for Professional Audio, Post & Project Studios In & Around the Los Angeles Area.

I offer you a complete full service solution
from, maintaining your entire facility to component level repairs, and anything in between

Pro Tools
Installation, Integration
Repair, & Synchronization
Software Update Maintenance  
                 Make your System 100% reliable

TCP/IP , FTP Servers
SAN / RAID , Back-Up Solutions

Technical Services
Repair, Refurb,  Modifications,
Custom Circuits, Custom Cables
Complete Facility Wiring, & Design Planing
       Repair all Equipment types
Including Neve & SSL as well as, all console types
Vintage Gear, Mic Pre’s, Compressors, Limiters, Amps, & Eq’s ... Outboard Gear and much more !
Custom Wiring, Cables, and Panels

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  Additional Services ..............

  1. BulletDigital Audio Clocking , Synchronization Specialist

  2. BulletSystems Diagnosis, Integration, and Analysis

  3. BulletInstallation of all equipment types

  4. BulletRAID / SAN Installation, Management, &  Support

  5. BulletAfter Hours, Remote, and Phone Support *

  6. BulletCable Assemblies & Custom Panels

  7. BulletMachine Room Design & Installation

  8. BulletComplete Systems - Design, Integration, Modifications, &  Upgrades

  9. BulletKeep Your System updated so that you are 100% compatible and reliable ( at all times )

  10. BulletFree notifications of updates, Issues, and Remote implementation upon request

  11. BulletRemote login for repair, updates, diagnosis, optimization, and instruction

  12. BulletExpert Pro Tools services, including onsite, via phone or remote login

  13. BulletI can Eliminate the Spinning wheel of Doom !

Mitch Berger

Technical Services


NOW  Offering World Wide Professional Equipment Repair & Restoration
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